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Валерий Моругин

Valery Michaylovich Morugin




Valery Morugin was born in September 25, 1946 in the Gavrilov-Yam town of Yaroslavl region.

 In the period of 1965-1970 he studied at the Moscow Institute of Technology (Kosygin Institute now), Art Department.

 Since 1972 he was employed to the Lenin Order  Kherson Cotton Combine as an 1st category artist - dessinator and joined the creative team very easily and harmoniously.

 Artistic talent manifested itself at once: workmates rightly pointed out the ease and purity of the lines, the liveliness of ideas and special handwriting of Valery.

Many of the fabric sketches created by Morugin obtained the highest appreciation, and then were taken as the industrial designs throughout the Soviet Union. The working years of Valery Mikhailovich fell on the very bloom of the activity of the Europe largest cotton combine of that time.

 In 1979 he was promoted to chief artist-dessinator.

 From 1986 to 2006 he worked as a chief designer, the head of the art workshop. He led the entire volume of works of art workshops successfully and was able to find approach to each of the workers. Sharing their memories, the staff noted Valery Mikhailovich's tact, his skill to submit his comment or idea so that they inspired the artists to search, to creativity.

 A real creative atmosphere was created for artists of the combine:

 - individual workshops

 - one day of a working week was creative, and an artist could manage it using his own discretion.

 - also, there were creative business-trips,  to the different parts of the country - from the Baltic to the Caucasus. Acquaintance with the cultural heritage, visiting museums, sketching the architecture, museum exhibits, vintage clothing samples – all that allowed to gain invaluable artistic and spiritual baggage.


There are  many copyright certificates for industrial fabric samples that were distributed to the whole territory of the USSR, as well as diplomas, certificates on account of Valery Morugin:


- 1978, 1986 – Honor diplomas of the Ministry of Light Industry "For the creation of high-artistic light industry wares"


- 1980, 1982, 1985 - Diplomas of the USSR Ministry of Light Industry and the Artists Union of Ukraine - "For the best examples of creative works "


- 1981 - Diploma of the Ukrainian Communist Party Committee of Kherson Region and the Executive Committee "For high achievements in the implementation of plans and socialist obligations, and active participation in public life "


- 1986 - Diploma of the Light Industry Ministry Collegium and the Presidium of the USSR Ukrainian Republican Committee of textile and light industry Workers Trade Union - "For active participation in the development and implementation of a new range of light industrial goods"


- 1988 - Diploma of the Ukrainian SSR Ministry of Light Industry and Ukrainian Trade Union of Textile and Republican Committee of the Light Industry Workers - "For active participation in the exhibition of creative works"


- 2004 - Diploma of administration and Kherson Cotton Combine Trade Union Committee - "For many years of diligent work, high professionalism and personal contribution to the development of the combine"


He was a member of the Designers Union of the USSR and the Designers Union of Ukraine since 1986.

In 2006, on his 60th birthday, the artist said goodbye to the staff and the combine, where he had been working for 35 years.