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Валерий Моругин

"So many openings appeared,
The Faith grew stronger and a grain
Turned in a pearl
As link of working chain".


V. Morugin



"only the highest ideals can lead each and all"

Morugin Valery

1946 - 2010.

A talented and sophisticated artist who has created many unique and memorable paintings.

With an amazing range of colors, unusual technique of writing and following the high spiritual ideals, the Master awakens in us reverent and ecstatic awareness of being a part of the Creator, enlivens the heart with the divine love, light and fair morale.

Created at the border of eras, paintings keep the story of great reforms in the worlds of Earth and Heaven, claiming new knowledge by updating and developing the spiritual traditions of humanity.

Works of Valery Morugin are universal, because the hearts of people are united in a common aspiration to the heights of the Spirit and understanding of their place in the vast canvas of Genesis ...

In your hands is the first edition, which acquaints you with amazing pictures.

Let Love, Purity and Harmony live and get stronger in the world which so generously flow from each Artist's canvases.

Валерий Моругин. Огненные цветы
Валерий Моругин. Работа владык космоса
Валерий Моругин. Мать мира
Валерий Моругин. Единство
Валерий Моругин. Я есмь человек
Валерий Моругин. Огненная Богородица
Валерий Моругин. Богиня радости
Валерий Моругин. В едином потоке
Валерий Моругин. Огненная трансформация

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